Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Cake Lady

Just call me the cake lady.....That's right I am your neighborhood baker.  This totally happened by chance because I never wanted to be a baker.  Some consider me an over the top mom because I'm always being extra when it comes to the kids.  I don't see it as being extra.  I'm just a stay at home mom with extra time to put into a lot of things that others may not.  For my kids' birthday I would always do something small at the house but no matter how small the gathering is I always decorated and put a lot of effort in.  I like to make the event special for them and a nice cake in their theme is always a must.  I usually would just order one from the grocery store but even those can get costly if you want an elaborate design and my budget wasn't going to cut it for a custom made cake at a bakery.  So I started making their birthday cakes.

I always liked to bake but I mostly just baked cupcakes or small cakes using box cake mixes.  I later started to experiment with recipes and fell in love with making cakes from scratch and coming up with my own flavors.  I love experimenting with flavors and recreating drinks or candies in cake form.  Those flavors make great cakes.  The more I baked the more I loved it.  Baking started to be therapeutic for me.  I would just zone out and be in my own peace as I bake.  It is love.  People would often ask me to bake for them and I would but would never charge them.

A year and a half ago for my daughters 10th birthday I made her a large two tier cake.  The bottom tier was zebra print and the top tier was a pink guitar and it was cotton candy flavor.  After that my cousin was persistent in trying to get me to start a business.  I was scared of this prospect because I didn't know what I was doing and I only did it for my family for fun.  I didn't think I was good enough but I just took a leap of faith and went with it after she called me with a 75 cupcake order for a baby shower.  I was excited to see if I could do this and after the success of that order I knew I should just go for it.  I knew that even if the business did fail, I really enjoy baking so at least I would have the enjoyment for doing it.

So my business Sweet Tooth Desserts began...

It's been a year and I've been moving at a pace that I'm comfortable with.  I really do enjoy it and I'm learning so much and pushing myself to create new designs and learn new techniques.  For me it's not about the numbers or fame.  I'm just trying to perfect my craft and learn as much as possible because even if this business isn't a business anymore I still will be baking because it's my passion.

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Mrs. J

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  1. Wow. I applaud you for taking that leap of faith. It takes a lot of courage to start a business. But some of the most success often come from things we enjoy doing. I think the more passion we have, the better we become.

    I checked out your instagram page and everything looks amazing! I wish you so much more success!


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