Monday, July 31, 2017

Life Lesson: Find the Rainbows and Butterflies in the Middle of the Storm

Everyday is not going to be filled with rainbows and butterflies.  Sure in a perfect world everything will go the way we planned it.  There would be no sorrows, no heartbreaks, no misfortunes.  Everything would be perfect just as we imagined it.  But things don't always happen that way.
It's great to have plans and goals, but we also must be able to adapt when things don't go our way.  Sometimes we get in the habit of complaining because what we want doesn't always happen the way we plan, and doing this, we don't always recognize how good we have it.  We forget to appreciate what we have while we are losing something that we wanted.  Meanwhile, you can gain so much from that loss because you can be given something better.  Unfortunately we don't always see that focusing on the loss.

Life doesn't always have to be a disaster and you can't always expect rainbows and butterflies.

Sometimes we over analyze things. We want things to go the way we want, but that's not how life happens.  All that does is lead to worrying and worrying does nothing but cause additional stress we don't need.  You ever had a situation that you constantly worry about only for it to work out in the end.  I know I've had that happen so many times, and I kick myself for worry about something that worked out for my good.  And sometimes we want things but don't get them and see it as a failure.  No loss is a failure.  You can gain so much through a loss.

So even though things don't go as planned and you may be going through difficult times, you can still find the rainbows and butterflies.  The beauty that rainbows and butterflies bring is there you just have to look for them even in the middle of the storm.  Sometimes when we are faced with so much bad we got to look real hard to see the good but it's there.  If you focus on the bad you will magnify it x10, but if you find the good and make that your main focus, you will see things you didn't even know was there.

Life Lesson:  Even through the dark clouds and storms, you can find rainbows and butterflies if you look hard enough.

Mrs. J

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