Monday, July 17, 2017

5 Budget Friendly Summer Activites

For some summer is almost over for others it just got started, and for us we are half way through the summer.  So far we haven't done much this summer.  As I stated HERE in a precious blog post, I just needed some time, but now we are half way through the summer and I'm looking for some budget friendly activities.  This mama is trying to stretch a dollar, but still have fun.  Fun doesn't always have to be expensive, so I'm sharing with you some budget friendly activities you can do this summer.

1. Beach: My favorite FREE activity during the summer is going to the beach.  We live near the coast so we are a drive away from several beaches.  Really, we just have to take our pick and in an hour we are laying on a beach.  Some beaches are free while others charge a small entry fee to park and enjoy.  This is a perfect time to pack a lunch from home and bring a cooler full of drinks and lay out on the beach all day.

2. Parks: Having young kids, parks are an adventure for them.  We have several that we frequent often.  They all offer different activities so it's great that we can switch up which ones we visit.  Did I forget to mention its FREE?  Yes another free activity that provides the kids hours of fun.  And some parks also host free events.  We just spent the 4th of July at a park enjoying the free activities and fireworks.  I did not spend a dime and we had a blast.  That same park host free movie nights at the park.  We are looking forward to the next one coming up this month.  So check your local park to see what activities they might provide.

3. Water Park:  We love the water park.  It's our most visited place during the summer.  We are gifted season passes so we can go often.  However, this can be a budget friendly place if you go at the right times.  For instance, at the water park we go to one day offers military discounts (I love military discounts), another day is buy one get one free admissions, and later in the afternoons admissions are discounted.  I live in the South and it's HOT so spending days splashing in the pool is a great way to cool off and have fun.  This is an activity all ages can enjoy.  So they next time you want to visit the water park, just look for the discounted days and go during those times to make it work for your budget.

4. Backyard: Use your backyard as an adventure.  You can host a barbecue or create a backyard Luau.  Or have a water balloon fight.  Fill as many water balloons as you can and water guns and have a good fight with the kids (because the kids can't have all the fun).  Or camping in the backyard can be so much fun.  You can make s'mores and tell ghost stories under the stars and moon.  There are so many activities you can do at home in your own backyard, so pick something the family will love and have fun!

5.  Go Exploring:  There are so many different towns near by that I drive through or stop in just to visit a particular location, never really taking the time to just enjoy the scenery.  There are so many adventures around us if we just take the time to go explore them.  You can check out the towns farmers market or their historical sights.  Grab your camera and capture the moments, the adventure, and the beauty that your surrounds provide.

You don't to spend a lot of money to have a good time, so take some of these suggestions and go have fun this summer.  And please feel free to share any of your budget friendly activities that you like to do so I can try those out too!

Mrs. J

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