Wednesday, July 12, 2017

My Kids Are Partners In Crime

Or is my son just a snitch......

My two youngest are very sneaky.  Well my daughter is trying to teach my son the ropes, but apparently it's not working too well.  She likes to tell my son to watch out for her while she does something she isn't suppose to do, you know the usual. 

So one day my son comes in the room and says "Mama I got to distract you for Mimi".  Oh really now....What is she up to this time.

Then another time he comes up to me and says "Mama don't come in the room.  No one is in there."  Sounds like someone is up to no good.  I go in the room and of course my daughter is in there trying to sneak something out.

One of these days she's going to realize her brother isn't her partner in crime.....HE'S THE RAT!

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