Wednesday, July 5, 2017

My 11 Year Old Has a Job

Yes at the young age of 11 my daughter has joined the workforce.  Sure the job is unpaid (volunteer), but its still a JOB and is the step in the right direction.  This is a start to many doors that can be opened for her because at the age of 11 she decided to use her summer to work on a unpaid job.

Here's how she got the job...

As we were leaving the library we saw a sign saying volunteers needed.  The starting age is 11 and when we saw this we immediately stopped and asked how she could apply.  She was excited just to think that she could have a job and after filling out a short application followed by orientation, her dreams of getting a job became a reality.  So now she sits behind a desk a couple hours a day assisting people with the summer reading program.  She creates her own schedule and she really enjoys it.  As a bonus, during the times she doesn't have anyone to assist, she gets to read all the books she wants, and as a bookworm this is a plus for her!

So here's the benefits of her working at 11.....

1. Job experience:  A common complaint from people trying to get a job is that they have no work experience so they can't get hired (because so many jobs now require you to have some experience).  Even though this is unpaid, she is gaining work experience that will greatly benefit her in the future.  Yes I know she's only 11 and she doesn't have to worry about getting a paid job anytime soon, but when that time comes she will have a head start on everyone else trying to get a job.  Chances are she will get a job over someone with no experience at all.

2. Recommendations:  Working this volunteer job will provide her the opportunity to get recommendations that can be used for schools, jobs, and/or scholarships.  As long as she show good behavior and work ethic she can receive recommendations for other endeavors she wish to pursue.

3. Responsibility: I admit my 11 year old is not the most responsible one.  She's very forgetful and can get distracted so some of the most simplest task take forever to get done, or she has to ask me a million times "What did you say?"  So this job will help put her on the right track to becoming responsible.  She is now responsible for creating her own schedule and making sure she is assisting people correctly in the summer reading program.  Having a job is a huge responsibility and with each task she is becoming more responsible.

So just say I'm one proud mama to have my 11 year working this summer.  I'm so glad that she is taking this interest and is getting so much out of it.  I had a proud moment the day I came to pick her up and she stayed a little over the time showing one of the Librarians how the summer reading program works.  Of course there are those negative ones who thinks that she shouldn't be working for free but she is getting so much out of this experience and it's the start of so many amazing things to come.  She's on the right track and I hope every year she takes this initiative and continue to make mama proud!

Mrs. J

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