Monday, July 3, 2017

Goodbye June, Hello July

Half of this year is already gone.  It seems like time goes by faster as the years pass.  Just a few months ago I was walking into 2017 not ready, not prepared.  Now here it is 6 months later I'm stronger than ever!

June was the first full month of summer vacation and my journey to becoming unplugged from the world and exercising my right to say "NO" to people.  I'm trying to live worry free and just live for me because life can be overwhelming if you allow it.  So I'm all about not stressing and enjoying life.  But overall, June was good.  The kids and I didn't do much because I took the time to just relax... waking up when I wanted to (even though most days it was still 5 am)... taking naps here and there... following no schedule.  It worked because I feel so much better.  I needed that time.

In the month of May I was so hyped because I lost 10 lbs, so I just knew I would lose 10 more in June.  Well that didn't happened.  My weight didn't change at all (thankfully no weight gain though), but it's ok... no setback here.  I did start back exercising in the month of June.  Mainly walking 3 miles 5 days a week with some quick at home workouts.  My eating habits are so much better and I continue to make healthier food choices.  So I'm pretty confident on this journey and I'm happy with the progress.

Since June was a quiet month with not much going on besides relaxing, I plan to spend July getting out more and doing things.  I'm predicting many trips to the beach, waterpark, and any other excursions that will allow us family time to bond.  I also plan to continue my weight loss journey and I'm pumped to watch my transformation.  I'm super excited for what the month of July will bring and I'm ready to get it started!

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