Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Just Call Me Mrs. Mommy!

School is out....

But summer school has begun!

Yep that's right, there are no breaks here.  Sure we have fun and we put to use those water park passes we get every year along with many other summer activities.  But we keep learning even over the summer.

Summer break is a good time to review what was learned in school and to get a head start on what will be learned in the upcoming school year.  No it doesn't have to be structured in the way school is, but an hour a day of review and learning can be a great way to stimulate the mind.  And yes learning can be fun.  You can incorporate projects and field trips to make learning a fun adventure.
Also remember that reading is fundamental!  Pick up a book and expand your knowledge or let those pages take you to a far off land full of adventure.  A visit to the library can be a great educational experience.  And if your library is like mines you can get rewards for reading, so join your local summer reading program.

So this summer and every summer, you can just call me Mrs. Mommy because class in is session!

Today makes 1 month since the kids got out of school and I wrote this post soon after.....And while we have been learning this summer, there is no structure.  Some days we may sit and do work and on other days we might just go over things in the car while on the go. I can easily make a lesson out of things we often encounter. A trip to the grocery store is an easy math lesson especially with all the couponing I've been doing (if you haven't read my couponing post, check it out HERE). For us structure is no good because this summer I'm just going with the flow, but still not forgetting to stimulate the mind.

Happy Learning!

Mrs. J

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