Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dating 101- What is dating?

So dating 101 is a series I’m starting on my blog about the dos and don’ts of dating and what is expected.  I’m single and even though I don’t like dating, I’m open to it.  Right now I’m simply mingling and meeting people and deciding whether there is someone I would date.  I’ve met a few new people but I’m undecided whether I want to date any of them.  I’m still holding out for that one person who sparks my interest enough.
So what is dating?  People have different perceptions of what dating is.  I feel like dating involves spending time with someone and getting to know that person without any commitments and expectations.  During this time you can decide what you want from this person and whether there can be anything more.  Everyone doesn’t see dating that way because my view of dating to one person is a friendship to another.
One of the first things about dating that I’ve learned is that you must…..
1.       Have no expectations- When you start dating and have expectations for how things should be or what you want then you will more than likely be disappointed.  (Not having expectations doesn’t mean not having standards.)  Don’t look at dating as a lifelong commitment but as the ride there so enjoy the ride while you’re on it.  If it’s not the ride for you get off and find another that’s more enjoyable.
2.      Take your time- Don’t rush into anything that you’re not ready for.  Sure there are certain expectations people have for dating but like I said early have no expectations.  Do what’s right for you and what feels right.  If you want to take things slow make sure that person understands that.  And that leads me to my next point….
3.       Date on common grounds- Make sure you both have an understanding of what dating is to you.  This is important in making sure that there aren’t any miscommunications and that one person isn’t expecting more while the other is expecting less.  There must be a common understanding of what you want from each other at that time to avoid any confusion later.
Dating is only a game if you play it as one.
Life’s Lesson:  There’s plenty of fish in the sea, so if the one you catch isn’t good enough, then throw him back and reel in another.  Love is about taking chances and you’ll never find it unless you’re willing to take a chance.
Stay tune….there’s more to come…..

Monday, August 22, 2011

Mexican anyone?

After reading a tweet by Nhya the other day stating how everything taste better with guacamole I instantly thought I needed to make some.  I absolutely love Mexican food so I thought I would make some chimichangas to go along with the guacamole.  I like being able to recreate my favorite meals at home and this recreation was delicious.

Chimichangas, Guacamole Salad, and Spanish Rice


12 large flour tortillas
1 ½ cups shredded Monterey Jack cheese
1 liter vegetable or canola oil
For the ground beef filling:
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 large red onion, sliced
3 pounds ground beef
1 (6-ounce) can tomato paste
4 teaspoons chili powder
2 teaspoons ground cumin
2 teaspoons celery salt
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
Special equipment: Wooden skewers or round toothpicks.

Lay out tortillas and sprinkle about 1/8 cup cheese on each.  Begin heating vegetable oil to 350 degrees F in deep-fryer.

In a large skillet heat olive oil over medium-high and sauté onion until translucent.  To this pan, add ground beef, tomato paste, chili powder, cumin, celery salt, and salt and pepper, and cook until browned.  Divide meat mixture into equal amounts in the pan.  Then using a slotted spoon to leave excess liquid behind, transfer meat mixture to the center of each tortilla and fold the tortilla into a closed packet and secure using a wooden skewer or round toothpicks.  Deep fry chimichangas until golden brown.  Remove skewers/toothpicks before serving.

Guacamole recipe can be found here.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Another blog award? For me?

So I received another blog award from Mackenzie @  It never gets old being recognized and I’m forever grateful for the support of my blog.  When I started my blog at the beginning of the year I didn’t even think that I would have any follows and now I’m here with 60 wonderful followers.  That may not be a lot to some but I’m grateful to them for going with me on this journey.  The encouragement I truly appreciate because being a single mom isn’t easy and to hear such great things is rewarding.  For the requirements of this reward I am to list 7 facts about myself.   Since this is my third reward I did it before here and here, and sadly I can’t think of anything else.  I’m basically an open book and you will learn more and more about me through my blog so keep checking back for more blog post.  Everyone please follow Mackenzie’s blog here and show her support as well.  Thanks Mackenzie for following my blog and rewarding me with such a great honor.

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Dating Game

I hate dating.  It’s awful taking the time to get to know someone and then realize that you really don’t like them at all. Oh and it’s even worse when they like you and then you have to break it to them that it’s not working.  People’s personalities are so different so not everyone will get along and be that perfect match.  I hate when a guy thinks you are suppose to automatically like them because they like you.  Or when they try to boast themselves up to appear to be the perfect man or like the things that you like simply because you say you do.  I was recently speaking to someone who said they didn’t like something and I responded that I did like that something.  And of course he changes his response to now liking that something.  Is that supposed to impress me?  I’m impressed by people who are themselves and not try to be the person they think I want them to be.  I meet so many guys who try to be my perfect guy.  And I hate it even more when they say, “you’re so perfect why are you single”.  Then they go on to explain all the things they can do for me or try to impress me with all the things that they have.  To me all that’s a turn off.
So am I dating?  At this time no.  I’m not interested in playing the dating game.  My focus in life is on school and my family.  I’m not interested in being in a relationship.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not opposed to the idea, but that guy has to be someone really special for me to date them.  Yes I do like going to out to dinner, the movies, and even take walks.  I enjoy the intimacy of dating someone but it’s not something I have to have right now to be happy.  I would much rather date myself.  I would rather give myself that love and attention.   I like spending time alone and I’m quick to go to dinner or a movie by myself.  I even like taking walks alone.  It gives me time to reflect or clear my mind.  Yes I buy myself flowers and treat myself to all the nice things that a man would.  It’s not to say I don’t need a man but its so much pleasure in discovering the comforts of being alone and being happy.  Right now I feel like I’m preparing myself for the man that sweeps me off my feet because I want to be complete within so I can complete us.

Summer Fun on a Budget

Today is the first day back to school for my daughter.  I must admit that even though this is her 3rd year in school I was very emotional dropping her off at school.  They grow up too fast and I just wish I can keep them my little babies forever.  I didn’t take my girls on a getaway vacation this summer, but I still wanted to make sure they had fun.  Staycations are excellent alternatives to having fun during the summer without spending a lot of money.  There are many activities at home and local attractions that can give kids the experience of a vacation without spending too much money.
Here are some ideas:
Ø  Children’s Museum- Tons of fun complete with a grocery store, boat, castle, arts and crafts room, and many other activities for children to enjoy.  It’s especially great for smaller children.
Ø  Zoo- Who doesn’t love the zoo?  Not only can the kids enjoy it but the parents can as well.
Ø  Aquarium- The aquarium is another place that the whole family can enjoy.
Ø  Movie Theater- Movie nights are always great at home but kids love the experience of going to the movie theater!  Cars, Winnie the Pooh and The Smurfs are great choices to see.
Ø  Water Park- Water parks are loads of fun with areas for children and adults of all ages.  With the hot weather what can be better then slashing in some water to keep cool and have fun at the same time!?
Ø  Beach/Lake- Going to the beach is a vacation in itself.  It’s relaxing and a nice getaway.  Luckily there are many beaches nearby.
Ø  Fun at home- You can find so many fun things that you can do at home.  Pitch a tent in the living room and pretend you’re out camping.  Have a tea party and invite their friends over for some fun.  Play dates are always great.  Create your own park in your backyard.  Have many different outdoor toys to keep them entertained.  Create arts and crafts projects.
Whatever you do just have fun!!!!