Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Goals for February 2012

Can you believe that February has come upon us so soon? I created my goals for the year HERE but I started off the New Year wrong by not even focusing on any. As a part of getting organized and refocusing my life I've created some goals for the month of February that I plan to complete. So here they are:

1. Create and stick to a budget for the month
2. Create a budget for upcoming visit to FL
3. Start clipping coupons
4. Procrastinate less
5. Organize my school schedule
6. Create a career portfolio
7. Start looking for internship/ practicum sites
8. Create at least 5 Valentine's Day inspired dishes
9. Do self- care activities
10. Stress/worry less

My goals are focused around making my life stress free and school. It seems like there is so much to get done in so little time with even less resources but I know I can do it.

What are some of the things you hope to complete in the month of February?


  1. Love seeing that you out your goals out there for all to see. My biggest goal for the month is to walk at least four days a week.

  2. When you start clipping coupons, can you please tell me how you organize them? LOL. I just started a couple weeks ago, and I have a heap of coupons sitting on my coffee table.

  3. Love the goals. I clip coupons but always forget them at home. I have got to do better.

  4. I am going to de clutter this house..AGAIN!

    1. Oh yes another goal I must complete soon. It seems like I have to do it every few months. SMH..

  5. I hope you complete all your goals! My main goal is to finish my semester successfully and of course make my blog better and better every day :)